These are murals created with the public using a unique technique of laying transparent paints over a detailed underpainting.
This technique allows children and less experienced painters to apply paint liberally
over broad areas while still retaining the details of the underpainting. Also, some patterning techniques create beautiful effects.
At the end of the painting sessions, some details are enhanced by the artist.
Most of the murals were created by elementary school children, but a few were created during festivals.
Click on links for larger views and detail shots of each mural.

Dear Katherine, I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed and appreciate our mural and the experience of creating it with you.
The staff, children and parents continue to stop and admire the work. As a teacher I was in awe at how you were able to
organize the work so that all the children could participate. I am so happy we were able to have you come. The experience has been a
treasure and so has getting to know you.

--Deb Trent, Kettle Lake School





empty bowl





Stockbridge School
Stockbridge, Michigan
Done as a commemorative for the city's 150 year anniversary, this mural was painted with the assitance of the fifth grade class.






Empty Bowl Mural
Pinkney, Michigan
The final mural was donated to Empty Bowl. It was painted with assistance by the public during an evening artshow and completed later by the artist.

Mancelona Elementary School
Mancelona, Michigan
Four days- grades K-5th
Emmons Lake Elementary
Caldonia, Michigan
500 students, K-5
Harvest Elementary
Saline, Michigan

Two walls in four days with children ages K-5

Kettle Lake Elementary
Calumet, Michigan
600 Students-four days
Heritage School
Saline, Michigan
5th and 6th grade classes- created in two days
St. Mary's School
Pinckney, Michigan
Two days- grades K-8th
Heritage School
Saline, Michigan
Three days- 6th grade class







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