Mancelona Elementary

Patching is done with a thin plaster with expansion elements added to it.
Assemblies were given the following morning and througout the day. Assemlies include a slide show, singing demonstration and a painting demo.
Students are encouraged to draw while I am demonstrating. My painting demos take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
Here's a finished demo.
The evening before painting begins, I prime and paint on the underpainting for the mural that the students use as a guide for where things are placed. This mural is to be a scene showing the four seasons.
Painting begins with the sky. He is putting in clouds with a 3 inch brush.
The painting moves quickly into the background trees. She is painting in a delicate pine using a fan brush.
The top trees are filled in with many different colors of leaves.
This was how the mural looked at the end of the first day of painting.
The second day of painting started with sponging for the rock base. The section of the mural was the winter scene.
A young student paints in the foreground flowers.
This student starts the painting on the tree trunk.
Leaves are put in using layers of different colors in the fall section of the mural.
This is how the mural looked at the end of the second day.
The third day was dedicated to finishing all the background areas.
This student gets instruction from Katherine on how to add foam to the waterfall area.
Here leaves of two different colors add depth to the foreground trees.
In the winter section, this student finishes the beautiful pines with a layer of snow.
The animals are painted in three stages. The base color, the shadows and the highlights. Each stage is explained so that the students can paint them in themselves. Here the base coat is being applied to the bear.
This student puts the base coat on the deer.
The field mouse brings a smile to this student.
Here's how the mural looked at the begining of the fourth day. At this point many students were afraid there was nothing left to paint. But since my murals are done in layers, they couldn't see what was to come. Watch the mural develop...
A berry coated tree with a cardinal was added first.
Then a cherry tree with a bird's nest in the spring section.
A wolverine added drama to the snow section.
Colorful fall leaves filled in the fall section.
Trillium finished off the base of the large tree.
And the detail work of the highlights and shadows were added to all the animals bringing them to life.
This is the finished mural.
Finished fall scene.
Spring completed.
And winter.
Here's the wall before the mural began. We worked late into the evening the night before the assemblies. All the cracks between the cement blocks had to be filled and the wall had to be primed prior to begining the mural.

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