Emmons Lake Elementary

This is how the painting appeared after three classes on the first day.
This student is painting in a row of trees and a bank on the opposite side of the lake.
Here is how the painting looked at the begining of the second day. These students are filling in the food items at the picnic area.
This is the same class after some of the food items have been filled in with flat colors.
This is at the end of the second day. Notice the purple outlines for the animals still to be painted by the students.
This book was painted on the wall by one student who did cartoons. We made it look 3D by painting it on a rock. This student shows how convincing the 3D effect was.
A few students decide to have some fun with the purple underpainting before painting begins the following day.
The mural begins with a purple "under-painting" that the students use as a guide. I put in the blue sky because the tallest areas of the mural are difficult for the younger students to reach. They paint in all the clouds.

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