Logo Designs

A logo should be carefully designed to fit a variety of needs and applications.
And, it should say who you are and what you do at a glance.

The logo below, designed for Hidden Lake Gardens, shows how important flexibility in design can be.
I always try to design logos that look good in black and white as well as color.




Other logo samples


Barnyard Express is a traveling animal show for schools, fairs and festivals.
Young animals are used to demonstrate to children different aspects of the farm.
Visit their web site at www.barnyardexpress.com for a sample of my site design.


This logo was designed for a new type of flat bread.
It was to be marketed in stores to appeal to children and adults alike.


Arbor Limousine updated their logo for worldwide useage. The intent was to highlight
the A and L while maintaining an elegant full service on the road appearance.



Axiom is a company that designs and builds in-home
computerized control systems, utilizing touch-screen technology.



The Arbor Web logo was designed as a rotating cube
to be used on the "Arbor Web" site. It was created using "Ray Dream" and all sides were rendered separately by turning the cube digitally and "shooting" the frozen image. Then all the rotations were sequenced and animated for the final logo. You can view the final cube animation by visiting www.arborweb.com and clicking on the "rotate cube" link in the site map. Or see a smaller version of the cube on the home page. I also created all of the 3D graphics for the site.



Ensemble Quabache is a classical music group
that performs early music with traditional instruments.
The logo symbol is based on the cellist's instrument.



The Chop House logo was designed for an elegant
"Old Style" steak house with a "Boys Club" atmosphere.
The emphasis was on high price, excellent service
and top quality beef.



The Arriba logo was designed for an up-scale, trendy
Mexican Restaurant. The brightly colored signage was
particularly important because of the restaurant's location around the
corner from most of the other restaurants in the city.


Ciao is an Italian restaurant located in Southern Michigan.
The logo was to be seen primarily from the highway and required a strong image
that communicated a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.



Then, of course, there's my own logo,
designed to reflect both sides ot my life: music and art.
The image was created by converting an actual photo
with Adobe Streamline and removing excessive details and gradients.



The Premier Package logo was designed for the Ann Arbor Observer.
Their product was an elegant, high value coupon book used to entice prospective
subscribers to sign-up for the package. The tag line was "The Best of Ann Arbor."
The gold logo represents a golden "tree" as a symbol for Ann Arbor
as well as a series of "P's" back to back for "Premier Package."



Jack & Jill is a pre-school in Ann Arbor.
They care for a variety of ages from infants to kindergarten.





The Ann Arbor Rotary Club asked me to redesign their logo in 2015. With a nod to Ann Arbor's
"Tree Town" designation and the club's goal up lifting everyone up through the motto "service above self"
the logo developed into the human tree of helping hands.



This logo was done for an architect in D.C. She wanted an understated
classic look to enhance her website, and yet not detract from the photos of her projects.


plantation logo

The Plantation logo is for a client in California who needed to communicate,
in a non-verbal way, that he carried a top of the line product. The logo represents this attention to quality
as well as the time invested in growing a quality tree.