Irwin Building
North Main Ann Arbor
This is the stairway in the Irwin Building, Ann Arbor Michigan. The subject matter is the skyline of Ann Arbor at dusk. The base of the mural is a castle wall broken away to expose the skyline. The castle is based on the architectural style of the Oxford Law Library.
Hallway Mural

These photos were taken in a 3 ft wide hallway. It spans 20 feet and is painted on both sides to give you the impression of being on the first hole at St. Andrews in the 19th century.

The club house appears distorted because of the odd angle that the building needed to be photographed to get it all into the shot in the narrow hallway.

The golf shots are based on historical photos from St. Andrews course.

The client's private bath is also decorated with painted panels of historic golf scenes done in acrylic washes on canvas.