Every mural is a unique project. Your mural price will be determined by several factors:

1. Content:
In general, the more detailed a mural is, the higher the cost. It takes more time to render figures, animals, flowers, words and structures than abstracts and free form natural features (such as stone, water, clouds and trees). "Faux" finishes are easy to price by the hour depending upon the technique choosen. But, "Trompe l'oeil" prices depend upon the amount of detail and realism required. Sometimes a mural incorporates all these features. (check out the Minneapolis Great Harvest Bread Store mural in my samples) My estimates are based on the number of features to be rendered, the size (number of square feet) of the mural and other factors listed below.


2. Materials:
Paint: oil or acrylic

Surface: drywall, concrete, plaster, brick, canvas, wood or press board

3D Murals: murals done in tile, glass or collage materials

Protective Coatings


3. Location:
Studio: Some murals can be done at my studio on masonite, sign board, marine board or canvas and affixing them to the final location upon completion. Attachment can be permanent or temporary depending upon the materials used. 3D murals can also sometimes be done at the studio and delivered in pre-assembled sections to the site.

On Site: Most clients prefer a permanent mural painted or affixed directly on the wall. The process and progress each day is also fascinating to watch. You also have the opportunity to suggest additions or changes as the work is progressing. I have had clients add portraits of their dogs or children in the work for a more personalized touch. Work on site at commercial locations is also stimulating to business. Customers will visit more often to see the work progress. The cost of on site work depends upon your location and distance from my studio. You have the option of providing me with a room in your home for the duration of the work, or paying for a hotel or extended stay suite. Most murals can be completed in one to two weeks. Travel is also charged to and from the site, or is factored in when I give you the final cost.


4. Unusual Circumstances:
Height: I can provide scaffolding for up to 15 feet. Walls or ceiling higher than that require special scaffolding that can be rented at most locations around the United States. The highest I have worked without rigging is 25 feet. The higher the mural, the more expensive it becomes.

Exterior Locations: Exteriors are usually more expensive because of unpredictable weather and surface requirements. Cost also depends upon the time of year, the condition of the surface to be painted, height, climate and several other factors.

Ceilings: Because of the physical challenges of painting a ceiling, cost is effected by detail, shape and height.


5. Murals During New Construction or Renovation: Murals done on site during new construction or renovation can be complicated. Dust from construction can stick to wet paint and compromise the brilliance and clarity of a work. Often there are toxic fumes resulting from the products that are used to coat and stain wood products, remove paint and seal finishes. The presence of these fumes requires wearing an inhaler which can effect my vision and balance. Also construction noise and distractions can be disturbing and dangerous. I was once working in a restaurant 20 feet in the air and they tested a fire alarm located right next to my head. I nearly jumped to my death. Although I have worked in many construction sites at various stages of completion, I prefer working in a climate controlled, dust and toxic free area.


6. Style:
I work in several different styles, as you will see from my mural samples. I can also emulate a particular artist's style. Some styles are easier and faster to accomplish than others. Van Gogh's style, for instance, is easier to duplicate than Homer's. The style you choose will determine the number of hours it will take to complete.


7. Surface Preparation:
An ideal preparation for a painted mural would be a flat surface primed with a bright white gesso. Your price will be affected by how much preparation work will be required before I can begin work. Patching, sanding, priming and sealing may be required depending upon your wall material and condition. These procedures will also be included in your final quote if needed.


Most murals are quoted on a project basis. This price is estimated by the number hours or days it will take to complete the mural plus materials and travel expenses. Your mural can run anywhere from $325 to $50,000 depending upon all the factors listed above.

If it is a faux finish or simple texture, I quote at an hourly price of $80 plus travel and materials. More involved murals require a site visit and are quoted on a per diem basis of $650. I work very fast, so the number of days it takes to complete a mural will be substantially less than you might think.

My mural prices are very reasonable by any standards. But when you consider what a well rendered mural can do, it is priceless. A mural can make a huge statement in an room and change an entire environment. It can push out a wall, make a garden or a view of a city where there is none. It can change an ordinary door into a stone wall or stable door, transform a blank wall into a trolley car tunnel or a Mayan temple god complete with glowing eyes that activate when you walk into the room.

You really have to see it to believe it, view some of my work now:



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