Roadrunner Restaurant
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Every surface and detail in this restaurant was designed and executed by the artist from the train enclosures to the murals on each wall and ceiling.
The murals were so popular that when the restaurant changed hands in the future, they retained all the murals.
The lighted mural was created using 350 fiber optic strands held in place with a glue gun through tiny holes drilled in the mural from behind.
One lightbulb ran the entire display.

Each train tunnel in the wall had a panoramic view of a southwestern city. The details on the bar were done using three different shades of wood.
A local carpenter created the wood details and large wooden braces.

The train tunnel in the backgound was created using stone over plywood painted flat black.
A train track was painted in to appear to travel back into the wall. If you look closely, you can see that train tracks were also painted on the floor with epoxy.

Literally the night before opening, this hostess stand was created using an epoxy resin poured over river rocks
to create the tabletop. An authentic skull was added to tie into the Roadrunner theme.


The gold mine featured fools gold embedded into the mural. Over time, people took pieces of it as souvenirs.
One of the owners is featured eating pizza.


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